Black Vista Theme

Black Vista Theme

Is that a PC in your pocket?


  • Impressive background wallpaper
  • Striking icon design


  • Icons are a bit too big
  • Some text becomes unreadable

Not bad

Lots of people have openly voiced their hatred Windows Vista, but there are others who dig the operating system.

If you fall into the latter camp then you might like to have the Black Vista Theme installed on your phone. The S60 theme transforms the home screen with an eye-catching wallpaper image of the Vista logo cast as a shadow over a lush green field. It's a cleverly-rendered and imaginative background in the style of a typical Microsoft wallpaper. The designer of the theme has made a big error in not changing the color of the status text on the home screen though, and the black background makes the black text almost completely unreadable.

The Black Vista Theme also comes with a new set of icons, loosely based around those you'd find in the Microsoft OS. These are bright and colorful, although I felt they were a little too big, making the screen look a little crowded. All of the pop-up Options menus have been altered too, placing the fetching grass image from Vista behind the options list and changing the color of the text and highlight bar.

If you're a fan of the Windows operating system then Black Vista Theme will give you a phone that reflects your adoration.

Black Vista Theme


Black Vista Theme

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